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Just a reminder to all of our customer that the Eastern Marine showroom in Newark, DE is one of the few ‘Full-Service’ boat registration service providers in New Castle County! Our License & Registration department is available from the start of business hours up until 1/2-hour before closing time.

In case you have not read this yet, the Delaware Boat Registration rates will DOUBLE in 2017… with the added revenue going to support Senate Bill #261 that was approved in July of this year.

As an example of the rate increase, boats under 16′ in length cost $10 this year.  That will change to $20 starting January 1st, 2017.  All Delaware boat registrations are still valid for the calendar year regardless of when they are purchased.


January 2016 Fishing Report

We have eperch2ndured our first winter snow event of the year and the unseasonably warm temperatures we had been experiencing have rebounded back into the forecast! But even with that, it’s been difficult to gather enough fishing information to deliver a detailed update, worthy of our fishing faithful here at Eastern Marine. I have kept my ear to the ground, questioning patrons as they come and go in the hope of getting some decent tid-bits to relay to you! After much investigating I have stumbled upon some news that I found to be what I consider report worthy. It’s a subject and fishery that is not uncommon to my blogs here at Eastern Marine, especially at this time of the year! The mouth of the Susquehanna River in Perryville Maryland, the quarry Yellow Perch, but with a twist to it……Walleyes!!!

Larry Gorski, Charlie Lind, Peter Fecther, and Joe Yak are all familiar names you’ve certainly heard me mention. Especially at this time of the year, when it comes to outstanding creels of Yellow Neds. All four of these seasoned anglers has made note of the different factors that affect this fishery. This in part determines the approach and method they take to the days fishing activities. They have in essence developed a pattern on the Yellow Perch and it pays off in dividends, especially when these noted factors stack-up against them.

For instance, if water is being generated at the Conowingo Damn, individuals fishing from the finger piers at Owens Marina will experience a substantial drop off in the bite. Quantity of hook ups as well as the quality of fish being caught will wane considerably. Calling the Conowingo Damn and listening to the generation schedule will give you a time line and a projected window in which to fish. Avoiding times of generation will reduce the amount of time you are fishing in unproductive water. Anglers with a boat can move further upstream and locate other natural pieces of structure that the Perch will move to and hold while water is being generated. So this is a little bit of information that will benefit anglers like myself who are relegated to fishing from shore.

Light levels play an important role in the deep water parts of this fishery as well. As light levels increase after sunrise the Perch tend to ease down the drop offs and depending on water temperature and clarity will hold anywhere from 35’to 70′ feet. As evening approaches and light levels decrease the Perch have a tendency to nose back over their deep water haunt and tend to hold in a depth of about 15′ feet. This is where they become easy pickings as they are usually moving up shallow and are aggressively feeding in the process.

Water temperature is always a factor in the breakdown of any fishing application. At Perryville during the “Perch Jerk” as we so affectionately call it. Water temperature is as important as any other factor we will mention today. Although veracious cold water feeders, there are days when falling water temps will push the larger 11″ – 14″ Yellows further up into the Susquehanna River. Remember my suggestion that I mentioned earlier about moving further upstream and finding natural structure that Perch will hold? I’s not always the case, that Yellow Perch will move into deeper and deeper water as water temperatures fall. In some instances a different more shallow water location can be effected by other factors that make it more conducive for the Perch to stage in that area. Small feeder creeks can offer temperature breaks, food sources, and cover close to shore. Here the water can be warmer, have a food supply to sustain energy, and teamed with some underwater structure i.e.(hump or a depression) make for a perfect alternative environment.

Perch Now for the twist I had mentioned in the beginning of the report…..Walleys!!! Larry Gorski as mentioned earlier, has been gracious enough to fill us in on a couple of his latest fishing excursions and supply us with some pictures. Larry has been jigging tandem style panfish rigs at Owens Marina in Perryville and along with some dandy Yellow Ned’s he has managed a few keeper Walleyes to fill out the stringer. Larry has been dressing his trout style jig heads in 32nd oz with a Bett’s pink body and white skirt Krazy-Krappie Tube Tail. Gorski stated he also has had great success with Leland’s Split Tail Crappie Magnet in red body with a chartreuse tail. Included will be a template of the rig used and anyone interested can purchase the components described above. Well until next time remember to never cheap date the bait and rising tides lift all boats!


Mike Bowen @ Eastern Marine


Fall Fishing Report

With the gift of spectacular weather from Mother Nature, fishing on the Chesapeake Bay through October and November has been as comfortable as our favorite Lazy-Boy recliner. Above average temperatures, light winds, and an extended swath of Bluebird Days has made getting out on the bay a breeze. Even days when the number of fish we catch is not outstanding, comfortable conditions can make for a great day and a pleasurable fishing experience.

Encouraging reports have surfaced all over the bay and come to us via customer feedback. Our digital camera and weigh scale have been getting a steady workout as well! In the upper reaches of the bay in the Elk, North East, and Bohemia Rivers solid reports of Striper activity have been reported with consistency. Izzy Mora and Richard Clendening fished each of these locations. The pair was throwing a variety of lipless crank baits with reasonable success but stated they were not setting the world on fire and keepers were a hard cull. Izzy made a trip here to Eastern Marine to share some recent fishing info when we introduced him to the new “Booyah Hard Knocker and Booyah One Knocker”

I recommended throwing a different color pattern besides the classic blue back, chrome profile Bill-Lewis Rat-L-Trap he had been using. Knowing the forage that Stripped Bass have at their disposal during the autumn and winter months I suggested the Booyah Hard Knocker at 1/2 oz weight and in the “Bling” color pattern. In my estimation it more resembles a Gizzard Shad as opposed to a Peanut Bunker, both being a table fare favorite of Stripped Bass. In the upper reaches of the bay I’m convinced that Gizzard Shad patterns will out perform Bunker patterns hands down…..this is my experience and my opinion! After a day of chucking and winding the bait I recommended, so did Izzy and Richard. Not only did their fish counts increase they also stuck better quality fish in the process. The duo has managed a limit of fish 26”- 28” inches on a variety of occasions. Thanks to Izzy and Rich for all their information and positive feedback to the store……keep it coming guys!

Further down the bay Eastern Marine employee Chris Brown and son Braeden fished the Chester River. Chris commented as I mentioned earlier in the report that fishing for Stripped Bass in the Chester River in November with a short sleeve shirt, at dark no less, was so refreshing. Chris racked his memory trying to recall nicer weather at this time in recent years but was stumped as we all were! Chris’s report was extremely encouraging with himself and son Braeden boating fish that taped out over the thirty inch mark. Braeden seemed to have a problem finding a lure that wouldn’t catch fish!……Chris stated Braeden stuck fish on just about everything he tied on, jigs and soft plastic, Smack-It’s, lipless crank baits ect….you name it. Don’t we all wish we had Braeden’s touch!!!

Hogy Bait Co. products are being featured here at Eastern Marine. We are currently stocking a full line of their soft plastics from 7” – 14” inches in the Original, Paddle Tail, and Floating versions. Accompanying them is a wide range of Hogy Barbarian Style jig heads, weighted swim bait hooks, and weed less off set shank hooks. Our enthusiastic and energetic sales staff has prepared examples, fully rigged, for our customers to view and inform themselves with this over the top innovation in the fishing industry. Videos of the product at work, as demonstrated by renowned Chesapeake Bay fishing guide Tyler Nonn of Tidewater Charters will be available for customer viewing shortly in our fishing department soon. Well……let’s get out there and give those Stripers a good goin over, while the weather is still cooperating! Until next time always remember to keep your trot line tight and never cheap date the bait!


Mike Bowen @ Eastern Marine

Early May Fishing Report

AlfredThawley Multiple positive reports have come from the beaches of the Delaware Bay since the end of last week. From Beach Plum Island on the Broadkill River to as far north as South Bowers Beach, anglers have phoned, e-mailed, and text the fishing department crew on outstanding catches of Slammer Bluefish in the 10 – 12 pound range. Finger Mullet, Bunker, and metal spoons have done the job on these tackle pounding bruisers. It would appear that with rising water temperatures in the bay and a plentiful supply of Menhaden to dine on, these Slammer variety Blues have pushed their way up into the lower and middle sections of the bay.

Black Drum have also started their annual run up the bay as they make their way towards the Coral Beds just off of Slaughters Beach. Solid reports of Black Drum along Broadkill Beach have been funneling in. Most anglers stated that their fish were in the 20 – 40 pound class. Fresh Surf Clams, fresh Salted Clams, and sand fleas are the turn key for these physically challenging diggers. As the season progresses we should have better reports as night trips start to pick up.

The upper Delaware River has been productive for quite a few anglers as of late. Bob Warwick and sidekick Ty fished the Reedy Point area and sent us some outstanding pictures of their catch from Monday afternoon. Bob’s fish were in the 15 – 20 pound range and were caught on fresh bunker. You can view pictures of Bob’s catch on our “Wall of Fame” here at Eastern Marines Showroom. Alfred Thawley of Newark Delaware brought a hearty 41” inch Striper to the scales here at Eastern Marine. After hoisting the large linesider on to the scale it balanced out at 32 pounds and sported a 28” inch girth. Thawley was fishing from shore at Augustine Beach and said be sure to mention he was using Jumbo Bloodworms purchased at Eastern Marine. Congratulations to Alfred on receiving citation honors for his outstanding catch. Matt Campbell of Port Penn Delaware has been doing well over by the Yellow Can and points south of Reedy Point. Matt and father Donnie Campbell have been chunking fresh bunker and have produced several fish in the 20 plus pound range. R”4L” & R”6L” out of Collins Beach has been another hot spot along the Delaware River. Bunker chunkers have found great success around both of these cans. Well until next time remember to keep your trot line tight and don’t cheap date the bait.

Mike Bowen @ Eastern Marine

Trout Season 2015 – Its Almost Here!!!


Opening Day 2014

Again we are on the threshold of another winter break out. Our clocks have been pushed forward and extended daylight hours are gradually ensuring the arrival of Spring. March rains have washed stubborn piles of snow from our front lawns and warmer daytime temperatures have cases of the cabin fever epidemic cooled and at it’s breaking point. Along with these seasonal changes pends an annual event that summons the arrival of better times to come; Opening Day of Trout Season. A time honored tradition that brings family, friends, and acquaintances together along the banks of New Castle County’s designated trout streams. Opening day is not the average run of the mill trip to the creek! It’s a correlation of comradery, memories of opening days gone bye, and the ties that bind family members and friends together. Most years the same individuals are reacquainted with each other along the same piece of real estate, sharing tales from previous opening day happenings and reminiscing about the comical instances that are all interweaved with the mystic of the days events. Lets also not forget the anticipation of that fresh caught Rainbow Trout dinner that puts a cap on the days festivities! In a brief summary, for many, opening day kicks off the start to the new fishing season.


Opening Day 2014

     Here at Eastern Marine the opening day of trout season is quite an event! Participants acquire their Delaware or Maryland fishing licenses and trout stamp at our registration counter. Upon being successfully registered, anglers follow up with a survey of our live bait department offerings. Wax Worms, Red Meal, and Butter Worms are among the top favorites most opening day anglers purchase to line their arsenal with. Fat Head Minnows are what’s in demand when Brown Trout are stocked a couple of weeks later. You’ll find a good supply of all these baits here at Eastern Marine well with in preparation time for opening day. Finally anglers peruse our fishing department in search of their go to, sure fire trout baits. Weather it be Berkley’s 3” inch Power Bait Trout Worm, Rooster Tail Spinners, or a jar of their most entrusted Trout Power Bait  we’ve got it. We devote an isle of our fishing department solely dedicated to fresh water (spin cast) trout fishing.  With these procedures completed fisher persons are fully prepared to head toward their favorite stocked trout stream and indulge in a day of fishing. Being prepared is the key to every fishing venture. Opening day is no different. Here at Eastern Marine we recommend purchasing a license and trout stamp prior to the big day to avoid waiting in an extended line. Having live baits, lures, and tackle in hand ensures a leisurely morning with no hustle and bustle. Come in and speak with a member of our experienced sales staff for the low down on what will ensure your opening day is a complete success!

Opening Day 2014

After your done fishing, don’t forget to bring your catch back to Eastern Marine to our State Certified Delaware Weigh Station. Anglers who successfully land a trout 2# lbs or heavier according to our scale, will receive citation honors and a fresh water fishing patch courtesy of The State of Delaware. We also take a photograph of the angler holding their catch outside of our weigh station and display it on our “Wall of Fame” picture board. Pictures can be picked up in November to have as keep sakes after the fishing season comes to a close. We will also ask permission to post your photograph on our fishing department website and Facebook to enhance our web content and provide you with documentation on your outstanding catch for friends and family alike to see. Well as usual I will leave you with a piece of good advice. “Always remember to keep your trotline tight and never ever cheap date the bait.”

Maryland Opening Day is March 28th
Delaware Opening Day is April 4th

Good Luck this season, Sincerely Mike Bowen @ Eastern Marine.

Fishing Report: Early March

With the Northeast encased in the clutches of Old Man Winters grip, fishing news has been as scarce as hen’s teeth. When customers drop in to see if there’s any promise of fishing hope in the near future, all I can offer is……your guess is as good as mine. If this polar vortex would ever go home to the Great White North, maybe then we would stand a chance of predicting annual fish events and guide anglers to those locations.

Until now all we could report has been the Yellow Perch bite in the Susquehanna, Sassafras, and Chester Rivers. Even at that, winter conditions have just made things extremely difficult to fish. Reports although encouraging at times have not been consistent enough to form any type of pattern on any one species of fish.

Long time DaveDempseyMuskyEastern Marine customer and avid angler Dave Dempsey stopped in to give us all a spot of good news, concerning his latest fishing excursion. Just recently Dave and a friend took a trip up to the Peach Bottom Power Plant and fished the warm water discharge area. With few other options it provided Dave with an opportunity to wet a line. Dave explained that with the warmer water temperatures in the discharge area, fish of all species congregate in the same place to take advantage of the more comfortable conditions and the opportunity to get a bite to eat. The warmer than average river temperatures in the discharge area increase a fish’s metabolism and with so many different fish inhabiting the same underwater real estate…..some ones bound to build up a little appetite. With fishable real estate at a premium the plant discharge also offers open water with a plethora of fish species to be caught and admired. Look at these beauties! I know with the case of cabin fever I’ve been diagnosed with, I wouldn’t mind hanging into either one of these slabs.DaveDempseySmallie

We have a few customers here at Eastern Marine that make the venture to Peach Bottom as well as Dave. Most anglers choose Fat Head Minnows and Shiners as their go to bait when making the trip. In cold weather conditions Shiners usually don’t even need aeration to survive the drive up. We always have a good stock of live bait here at Eastern Marine. Rapala stick baits are a common favorite among the anglers who fish Peach Bottom. Suspending jerk baits such as Smithwick’s Rattlin-Rouge and Yo-Zuri’s Crystal Minnow entice vicious tackle pounding strikes from Small Mouth, Walleyes, and Tiger Muskie. Kalin’s Triple Threat Grubs 2” in Tennessee Shad, Arkansas Shad, and Pumpkin Chart fished on a 16 oz jig head produce a variety of fish. Don’t let this tiny offering fool you into thinking its only for pan fish. I have personally fished this grub on many occasions on several different local bodies of water and it has produced well for me. From 4 pound Chain Pickerel to 5 plus pound Large Mouth. The only drawback is the grub must be fished on a light jig head and low pound test to perform properly. It adds a bit of adventure as the small bait can be inhaled. Hook placement is critical, finding the corner of the mouth especially on toothy critters or bigger fish is a crucial factor. It will also hone your angling skills (effective use of your drag system) trying to play out large angry fish on light tackle. The 5” Lunker Grub by Kalin’s in Stark White, Rootbeer, and Chart Hologram are another good selection. These larger grubs can be fished on a 3/8 or ¼ oz jig head and much heavier monofilament or braid. The Zoom Super Salt Plus Fat Albert Grub 3” in similar colors as the Kalin’s will round out your arsenal.

So let’s not sit inside staring out at the cold and snow. Get a friend or family member together and take some of the information provided here and head up to Peach Bottom. Drop by Eastern Marine and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales staff in the fishing department and we will be more than happy to help you outfit for your next fishing adventure. Well as I usually do, I will leave you with some good advice. “Always remember, keep your trot line tight and never cheap date the bait.”

Mike Bowen @ Eastern Marine

Marine Electronics: What do I need?

lowranceOutfitting our water craft with electronics is a question just about every boat owner has had cross their mind. Whether it’s day cruising, light inshore angling on the weekends, or a hard core fishing excursion, each captain of his or her own vessel has pondered the advantages of having a G.P.S. (global positioning system), fish finder, or combination unit (both g.p.s. and fish finder in one unit) installed on their craft. This poses a lot of questions to the average Joe. “How hard are these devices to install?” “Will it leave holes in my boat, and where?” “Where do I affix the transducer and in what position?”  “How hard are they to operate?” “I don’t want to be stuck reading a fifty page manual, I just want to be able to put it on my boat and go!” After all they are electronics and some of us are not the most up to date as far as technological advances.
It’s these questions that I am confronted with most by customers who are trying to make a decision about the benefits of having some modern technological devices on board. The critical thought dwelling on the customers mind is the benefits versus the amount of headaches endured installing and operating my new investment. This is the way one must look at this question. In what application am I going to be using this machine? For example, it does no justice for an individual who wants a unit for his 17 foot flat bottom, they use strictly for crabbing, to buy a $499.00 G.P.S./Fish finder combination unit, when a $ 79.00 – $ 99.00 fish finder with just depth and temperature will suffice. We don’t want to complicate matters that are already transparent. On the other side of that coin. It does the owner of a 30’ foot off shore sport fishing boat little good to purchase that same unit when their needs are more critical. This individual being far off shore and needing specific numbers to navigate are going to need a far more sophisticated unit, especially if they plan on finding their way back to the slip and cashing in on a nice catch of Yellow Fin Tuna. It’s these questions we can answer for you here at Eastern Marine. We have a very experienced and knowledgeable staff that can steer you in the wright direction as to what unit will best fulfill your needs.

Having said that. We folks here at Eastern Marine, have just received the new line of Lowrance Electronics for 2015. We presently stock the following Lowrance units.


1) Lowrance Elite-3X Fish Finder

2) Lowrance Elite-4X HDI Fish Finder

3) Lowrance Elite-5 Chirp Fish Finder/GPS

4) Lowrance Mark-4 Chirp Fish Finder/GPS

5) Lowrance Mark-5 Fish Finder

Any questions about any of these units listed can be fielded by our trained and knowledgeable sales staff located in our electronics department. Lowrance is incorporating the latest in government donated technologies (global positioning, sonar) into their newest line of nautical navigation and sonar devices. Our sales staff will be able to explain these latest innovations in a language that will be easy to understand. So drop on by and see us if you are in need of any assistance with making a proper decision that suits your situation, or if you simply have a few questions you need answered. We will be reviewing each of the units listed earlier in this report weekly and giving you a good breakdown of what makes this new technology tick. Well until next time, always remember to keep your trotline tight and never cheap date the bait.


Mike Bowen @ Eastern Marine


Winter Fishing Report: January Update

Gorski_Perch1_20_15     Harsh conditions and the availability of open water have recently put a damper on the fishing scene in our local area. Anglers with an itch that hasn’t been scratched in quite some time, went to extreme lengths to find or create fishable water. A few broke holes in the ice on the Susquehanna River, while others decided to travel a little further south in the hopes of finding better conditions.

     Most diehard anglers don’t let cold temperatures, rain, or wind stand in the way of a successful outing, especially after spending a good bit of free time indoors over the holidays. Although, those of us that are not the fair weather variety of fishermen have all experienced the other side of that coin. Clearing frozen rod guides, casting beyond solid banks, and even worse trying to retrieve hooked fish over those icy channel edges.

Our resident Yellow Perch expert Larry Gorski was one of those, if not the only one who opted to do a little scouting in search of favorable conditions. Larry was south bound and down to the Chester River not sure what he would encounter when he arrived. After poking around in some familiar areas Larry found what he was in search of, fishable water.

Larry fished the upper Chester River using a double drop shot rig with red and chartreuse Crappie Magnets tipped with Red Wigglers. Just for a little bit of extra scent and flavor. Gorski commented “you had to fish extremely slow and when the rod tip started to load up you knew they were on.” We stock a variety of Crappie Magnet soft plastics and Crappie Magnet jig heads here at Eastern Marine. So if you think you might want to try that Yellow Perch Jerk this winter come in and see us for products and information on where to score big on your next fishing excursion. Congrats to Larry for sticking it out and thanks for sharing your info and letting me take some pictures of your fine catch. Well until next time, remember to always keep your trot line tight and don’t cheap date the bait.

Mike Bowen @ Eastern Marine

Winter Fishing Report: January 2015

MikeBs_PerchYellow Perch have been a little slow to school up in their typical locations on a whole, but recent temperatures should help remedy that problem. Reports of good numbers have been on the rise since the last 2 weeks of December but catches of keeper and jumbo Yellow Ned’s have been scarce. Larry Gorski and side kick Charlie Lind fished the Susquehanna River and found large numbers of Yellow Perch ranging from 5” –  8”s. Larry and Charlie estimated they snagged 60 – 70 perch overall with half a dozen keepers in the 9” – 11” range. I tagged along for the ride and accompanied Gorski and Lind to their honey hole. I managed about a dozen perch in all with a dandy fish that tapped out at just under 12”. Small tubes, curly tail grubs, and fluke tail minnows in a bubble gum pattern seemed to be the most productive artificial baits. Gorski suggested using hot pink, the one color I didn’t have in my tackle box, so I found myself field testing Spike-It’s, Dip-N- Glow’s soft plastic lure dye. Hot Pink and Garlic flavored when applied to a Fin-S clear ice two inch split tail minnow, really did the trick. What a transformation! You’ll have to see for yourself what Spike-It Dip-N-Glow does for soft plastics. Color and scent attractant features make this product a must have in every fisherman’s tackle box. I found that clear to stark white soft plastics were the most enhanced and noticeably uniform. The dye doesn’t run or fade and the garlic scent is pungent and has a great shelf life for a better lack of words.

We are stocking a variety of Spike-It products, Dip-N-Glow, scented magic markers in four colors, and Fix-A-Lure, a soft plastic lure glue that repairs shredded and ripped soft plastics. When your down to your last and best producing soft plastic and the action is off the hook, no need to worry. Just a couple of drops in the damaged area and you’re back in the game. Best feature about this product is it sticks to soft plastics but not your fingers! After using these products I recommend them to any angler and we have a good supply of them here at Eastern Marine. Come on in and see for yourself as we can demonstrate how efficient these products actually work.

Well hopefully these cold air temperatures will work to our advantage and gather up the jumbo Yellow Perch females. I am no fan of the cold weather but if it provides better fishing conditions, I’m all for it. Well until next time always remember, keep your trot line tight and never cheap date the bait.

Mike Bowen

Opening Trout Day 2014

Trout_DayA tradition that marks the coming of spring and for many kicks off the fishing season is the opening day of trout season in Delaware. It’s a time-honored tradition that brings family and friends together the first Saturday in April every year. The Division of Fish and Wildlife typically stock local area streams in New Castle County with Rainbow Trout. Anglers who purchase a fishing license in unison with a trout stamp are able to participate in the opening day festivities that kicked off at 7:30 a.m. this past Saturday April 5th 2014. Those interested in becoming eligible to legally trout fish can purchase a Delaware fishing license and trout stamp here at Eastern Marine.

Fishermen and women line the banks of New Castle Counties freshwater streams in hope of enticing a Rainbow Trout to strike on their baits of choice. Many use Berkley Trout Power Baits in assorted colors and flavors, garlic flavor being one of our most popular among our customer base. We have the widest selection of Berkley trout baits in the state, if you have not been to our store; you need to see what we have to offer the serious trout spin casters!  Other anglers like traditional live baits such as Wax Worms, Butter Worms, Red Meal Worms, Red Wigglers, and good old fashioned Night Crawlers. When Brown Trout are stocked later on this month don’t forget we are you go to source for Fat Head and Rosie Red Minnows.

This year as far as the stocking quality is concerned is head and shoulders above last years! Average fish have been measured between 12”-17” inches here at Eastern Marine. We have issued over a dozen citations for fish over the 2-pound limit and there are more to be had. Reports from our regulars are positive about the quantity and size of trout they can view from the bank.

White Clay Creek has produced the most citation fish while Ritten House Park on the Christiana Creek runs a close second. Duane Brown pulled the biggest Rainbow so far this season. The big trout taped out to 20” inches and hit the scales at 2 ½ pounds. Ryan Pryce, Jack Gordon, Nick Chieffo, Allen Weeks, and David T. Brinley also qualified for citation honors while weighing their fish here at Eastern Marine. Jeff  Wildonger, Kenneth Knox Jr., Jeff  Herbster, Hannah Zhao, Ned Philhower , and Johnny Lenenbecker were the most notable trout anglers who made their fishing excursions to Ritten House Park on the Christiana Creek. Just remember that Eastern Marine is your one stop shop for rods, reels, fishing tackle, live baits and good old-fashioned honest info on the fishing scene for the Delmarva Peninsula. Well until next time don’t forget to keep your trot line tight and don’t cheap date the bait!


Mike Bowen @ Eastern Marine